The Ministry of Health is moving to activate COVID Case Trackers

TRACKING CONTRACT and tracking have been identified as essential components of the global fight against the deadly coronavirus. In an effort to strengthen capacity in these areas, the Ministry of Health is seeking to employ at least three COVID-19 Case Tracker.
This was confirmed by Chief Medical Officer Dr Narine Singh, who explained that the ministry is working jointly to devolve COVID-19 outbreak tracking.
“Therefore, the people in the regions will be responsible for monitoring people in their respective regions,” said Dr Singh.
A recent ad indicated that the above trackers are needed for Regions One, Six and Eight.
According to the ad, the employment of Case Trackers is funded through a grant given to the Government of Guyana from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Subject to announced conditions, the grant will go toward Guyana’s COVID-19 Emergency Response activities.
“The declared health emergency CDC will support many of the activities in Guyana to support acceleration, planning and operational readiness for COVID 1-19 preparedness and response,” the ad stated.
He added: “The GDC intends to allocate part of the proceeds to the payment for providing services to be procured under the grant.”
Speaking to the Guyana Chronicle, Dr Singh said that although follow-up checks are done over the phone, it is still not enough.
“People who are positive, or are isolated at home and so on, they will track them down and keep tabs on them and so on,” said Dr Singh.