The Professional and the Political, the Politicians and the Patriots

How to `cooperate ‘with riggers

I will admit in advance that today’s offering might come off as a bit of an over-fashioned strand too cohesive.

However, I want to define the roles of individuals working to make government work; managing our State’s national resources at different levels of status and responsibility; who strive to be good and professional in what they do. Even as “politics”, political decisions, views, contacts and, yes, real politicians are intrusive.

The young Guyanese attend different levels at school. Qualified, he / she is again trained – sometimes in a job – to acquire experience which later makes him a qualified professional in a chosen field that needs government and business management.

The ministry’s senior management, the corporation’s CEO and “administrative” officers work diligently to contribute to overall development in winning monthly awards for themselves and their families.


Influence? Impact? The political professional

Every citizen of eighteen and over has the constitutional civil right to vote for some political entity of their choice. If they want or choose to do so at the election.

From the chief justice and chancellor to the Anglican / Catholic Bishop to the Chief Medical Officer, army and police chiefs to the newspaper / television? Publisher and editor-in-chief of mayors and big business czars of the carpenter and salesman – each has the right to some political choice.

But things can go wrong when the professional allows the political (prejudices / preferences) to influence methodologies, timelines or decisions. Whether in ministry, at university or in the private corporation, when purely political considerations – worse, sometimes biased with ethnic or party trends – dictate the course of professional, managerial demands, success can be erased, discriminatory and temporary and certainly not inviting to longevity.

Now spare moments to look around all kinds of workplaces to find some, or many of the above.


Party? Patriot? Who are they?

In the Second World War conflict partisans were attached to freedom fighting units, a rebel fighter or a guerrilla resistance to invading occupants. Today’s “party” is more of a political member or activist than is given too much debate about what should be consensus-begging issues.

In good old Guyana, periodic elections tend to produce all sorts of parties – the political, of course, the ambitious exploiters and the open or bedroom racists!

I have been around this country for more than seven decades but apart from the eventual Burnham autocracy, I have never experienced the appearance of so many parties that can deceive themselves as they try to persuade their leader’s loyalists.

So the poor patriot. Who is that? The basic basic definition is “one who loves his country.” Who wouldn’t? Those who disillusion with the politics and rule of the once beloved country.There are implications for patriots too. Patriots can migrate. patriots and (good?) leaders Patriots can be humble, lifelong, law-abiding citizens Are you a patriot?


The political ego, the political brand

“Ego” has a psychoanalytic element that is beyond my comprehension. I know that the ego is a “self so different from others” an egoistic or egocentric dichotomy is one that is self centered and only too much concerned with the self. And this is shown in various manifestations.

Come see how the political egotist is branding his zone – from party playground to community to village or town. The Brigadier branded even buses, boats and bikes! (By the way, his name should only be deleted from those minibuses he was given.)

Ignoring just the political people, society sometimes finds it fitting to pay tribute to worthy political leaders. Nothing wrong. But our “brand” should not be allowed to oppressors, fraudsters, riggers or the outcasts. Whichever party.


Conversation with Riggers: Patriotism?

I still believe that, when he invited His Excellency to invite the Brigadier to meet him and all the other PPP Presidents, it was really a tactic inspired by Bharrat Jagdeo to cheat the PNC leader into false security and status. It would also have been the surrender of a victory that postponed for months.

Other more volatile scenarios in political, conflict-ridden places like Africa and, especially, the Middle East, see “yesterday’s rebel leaders becoming today’s Senators and Statesmen.” Those war torn lands must find electoral or military solutions to survive without massive casualties.

Here in our Green Land it is known which entities promote violence as solutions. Now there are pleas for the government and opposition to sit down and “discuss” peace and progress.

When the Brigadier APNU / AFC won its slim majority in May 2015, the PPP filed an election petition challenging the 2015 results. That petition was never fully heard! Now the same APNU / AFC has a pending petition. He wants his PPP victory overturned. New elections must follow.

In the meantime, the government and riggers must meet “constructively.” Will you convince me of how success will attend to those efforts.


Again, think…

1) Apart from the allegation of thousands of extra-judicial Afro youths killed in the recent PPP era, I am heartened by the current allegations of 1000 Afros dismissed (politically) in five months. AG Nandlall explained: 90% of those contract workers were political appointments. They were not even needed, or qualified. The Public Service was made four times its required size. How could we maintain that? ”Respond?

2) So because Donald Trump claims massive electoral rigging in the United States – and even as in most elections there were inconsistencies indeed – the US Ambassador had no right to deny PNC rigging here? You will be gone!

3) I always wonder what the PNC’s Hugh Desmond Hoyte might have thought of rigging 2020. He knew about electoral engineering (’68 -’85) ‘until Jimmy Carter invited him to change his ways.

4) Reasonable media blitz by PNC young Turks. Stay active. If nothing else.

5) A poor man wants to build a home or set up a business: CH&PA, Bank, EPA, Fire Service, MCC / NDC, the utilities. Persevere!

‘Till next week

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