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The real Oil and Gas staffing question


In all articles written by KN, about critical areas, such as Lack of independent reviews, Feasibility studies, Oil exploration, Lack of environmental impact assessment documentation, etc; there is one factor that is not given enough emphasis, and that is – The Staffing Narrative. Not all of the areas mentioned above can be achieved, unless the skilled staff are in place to deliver these items – and that’s the bottom line.
Oil and Gas Issues is new to Guyana, so who are the staff in Guyana expected to address these issues and provide the necessary documentation? Do they already have the prerequisite skills and years working in the Oil and Gas Industry? If not, then maybe that’s the CORE of these problems. I don’t think there are many professionals in the diaspora who have the necessary experience in Oil and Gas, or Environmental issues in general, to even take advantage of either.
There is no huge diaspora talent pool there for Oil and Gas. We Guyanese don’t gravitate to this area, so too is the government going to place vacancies on “Glassdoor” which is a huge free global website for skilled workers and candidates in so many industries, from ‘ r middle level to executive, full time. , part time, even a consulting gig? Even a rich talent pool can be found for an EPA director, who needs his own specific knowledge.
(Why embarrass ourselves in front of the foreign investors and business people new to Guyana, who will come to “conclusions” about us – Guyanese; based on our decision-making process, while they sit by the sea.)
This is a global economy, dominated by Zoom for a long time. Qualified applicants in Oil and Gas do not even have to live in Guyana. A few corporate trips to Guyana for short stays will suffice – otherwise the nation will spin in circles and chase its own tails, on this topic.
You Kansi