There is no one above the law

– Task Force ‘ramp up’ operations against those violating COVID-19 guidelines

By Vishani Ragobeer

In an attempt to mitigate the spread of the deadly coronavirus, the COVID-19 National Task Force (NCTF) has carried out its operations and closed several businesses found to be in breach of the gazetted COVID-19 measures.

“We’ve been sending out alerts to various businesses across the country. The Task Force would increase its operations so people need to be vigilant; businesses need to comply with these regulations because they are there for a reason and that is to stop the spread of the disease in Guyana, ”said Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony on Monday, during an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI).

On Sunday, the Guyana Chronicle was made aware that businesses throughout Georgetown were closed. This newspaper confirmed that the Hard Rock Café – a restaurant located at the Movietowne mall in Turkeyen, and Palm Court – a bar and restaurant located on Main Street, in Georgetown are two such businesses as that members of the armed forces close on Sunday. in the evening.

According to Section (6) of the current COVID-19 guidelines, indoor dining is not prohibited. Restaurants are allowed to offer outdoor dining services, drive-through and takeaway, kerbside pick-up and deliveries. Outdoor dining is only permitted during the hours of 04:00 hours and 21:30 hours; each table must be between six feet apart, and no more than four persons should be seated at one table. Paragraph (3) (b) specifically states: “Indoor and buffet dining is prohibited.”

The restaurant in Movietowne has been allowing indoor dining on its premises. Bars, rum shops, cinemas (excluding water-powered cinemas) and other such entertainment businesses are completely banned.

It has been reported, in Berbice, that there have been scores of arrests for violating COVID-19 violations.

“If everyone helps us, if we work together, we can all protect each other’s health, but if we’re going to break these regulations, then it’s going to create problems for us all,” Dr. Anthony.

Responding to comments about any closure of the task force by the task force, the minister said: “We have written to everyone and if they are any known organizations we have given them a free ticket , then I suggest they contact the Task Force secretariat and they bring that to our attention because no one is above the law. ”

On Monday, however, the Guyana Chronicle observed organizations that are still operating in violation of COVID-19 guidelines.

Eating indoors and using bars, shots and other entertainment outlets are prohibited because eating food or drinks in these places could allow the coronavirus to spread. To eat anything, Dr. Anthony that a mask would have to be removed. If someone is infected, it is likely that the virus could be spread from the infected person to others in the environment