These advocates have suddenly developed myopia

Dear Editor,

Following the culmination of the controversial national and regional elections on March 2, many groups and organizations have become very agitated and agitated for the defeat of ‘democracy’. Among them was the more established and vocal Guyana Bar Association. Such harsh advocacy led to a change in political administration and the belief that the rule of law and democratic processes were being conducted effectively. Naturally, one would have expected continued advocacy from these groups in order to protect the so-called ‘democratic processes’ promoted.

Unfortunately, this has not come to fruition and I am forced to point an accusing finger at the Guyana Bar Association, a key frontline advocate during the recent political standoff. I would have thought that the level of their advocacy would have been extended from partisanship to any person / group trampling on the democratic processes they were so rigid about. Unfortunately, since then their ambitious outbursts have evaporated to whimper in the face of the blatant discrimination of a particular ethnic group of Guyanese society.

I’m being forced to ask, where are the voices of the so-called “Democracy Champions” in the face of the many injustices perpetrated on a particular ethnic group? Where are the harsh voices of the post-election period now that Afro Guyanese rights are violated after being detained by police for extended periods and released without accusations? Apparently, the “Champions” of Democracy have been reduced to mere “Competitors” and have lost or aborted the penchant to speak out against blatant injustices.

One remembers the commendable advocacy of the Guyana Bar Association during the 2020 Elections and eagerly awaits similar behavior going forward. Unfortunately, this has not happened and it seems painfully obvious that they are now spent and tired following a successful tirade. These advocates have suddenly developed myopia and are incapable of ‘spotting’ human rights violations or the government’s totalitarian tendency.

The Bar Association has a mandate to regulate the profession and its members are similarly expected to protect the rule of law and act as a conscious voice against human rights violations. I would like to make my voice heard, and encourage force-like advocacy, to call on the Guyana Bar Association to be vigilant and to raise their voices against all forms of injustice and persecution. It is appropriate to note that your interest should not be self-serving or impartial but of benefit to all Guyanese regardless of race, color, creed or class.


Lelon Saul