This year should be a better one for chess

The column expresses his optimism for chess in 2021. Producing a vaccine to temper the spread of COVID-19 is music to our ears as we anticipate a healthier year and a more colorful future for local and international chess. An epidemic occurred in 1918 and chess was subsequently played, so we have no exaggerated view of the future for overboard contact.

The world championship title match between reigning champion Emanuel Lasker and Cuban challenger Jose Raul Capablanca was set to take place in 1920, but Lasker bowed. The game was eventually played in 1921. Capablanca won.

Closer to home, the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) became active in 2020 taking part in online tournaments and experimenting with spreading overboard contact in the final moments of the year. However, the National Championship for 2020 is still to be held. Ten people have qualified to take part.

The case of office carrier electors for the GCF is to be held this year. Some other nations pledged to have elections virtually during 2020. I guess the GCF would do the same since in 2021. The current executive was elected for a one-year term and that time has come to an end since then.

The World Chess Federation (FIDE) has not made any formal announcement about whether there will be a Chess Olympiad in 2021. The Olympiad will be held every two years and 2020 was its designated year. My view is that the GCF should start preparing players for this unique extravagance where at least 160 countries would normally signal their intention to participate. The Olympiad gives all countries a taste of international competition and is an easier way to get international titles and improve someone’s graduation points. This is the Olympian who would qualify as international master and grandmother of Guyana.


Below are two short games of 1475 and 1620. Experts argue that the game of 1475 is the oldest chess game recorded in history. In the game of 1620, Black befriends one knight – the famous crushed friend.