Minister for Tourism, Industry and Commerce Oneidge Walrond speaking at the awards ceremony

The Minister for Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Oneidge Walrond has urged the public to take more responsibility in the use of plastic products. The Minister made this appeal on Thursday at an awards ceremony for young people who took part in the annual Competition and Consumer Affairs (CCAC) essay and video competitions.
The competitions were part of activities to mark World Consumer Rights Day observed on March 15, 2021.
Addressing the meeting, Minister Walrond praised the efforts of the umpires, noting that the Government was trying to give young people across Guyana the opportunity to participate in such activities.
It also pledged its support for such initiatives that target the issue of littering and pollution that continues to plague not only Guyana but the global community.
“We are on a transitional path, a transformational agenda here in Guyana, which speaks to encouraging and bringing awareness of our young people to issues that surround them to realize that as this group has, they can be world-changers because they have a voice. , ”Said the Minister.
Minister Walrond said that while more enforcement and harsh penalties against littering are needed, citizens also need to be more responsible.
“I think the answer to pollution is to create a paradigm shift in our approach to appreciation of environmental protection. We must begin to voice the importance of keeping our environment clean and the use of plastic products responsibly … we must take great responsibility and pride beyond the fear of punishment. We should try to do what is right for our future and our future generations. ”
According to the Minister, this issue is also having an impact on the tourism sector, which is why the Government is trying to curb the issue.
“We have an amazing eco-tourism product being marketed… the fact that it is untouched and untreated plastic kills that market, it can kill that field. We want to experience a clean and attractive environment. Even ourselves when we go to visit a place, we want to make sure our communities, reptiles and rivers are clean so we can enjoy healthy lives, ”said the Minister.
Minister Waldron further urged that Guyanese must equip themselves with the fact that we should reuse and recycle where possible, in order to protect our environment.

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