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Trump’s trauma violated the truth


Epiphany – January 6th is considered a church festival to commemorate the coming of the Magi as the first manifestation of Christ to the nations or in the Eastern Church to commemorate the baptism of Christ. What happened on January 6th in America was a place, perhaps a final manifestation of a demonic departure. The day was plagued with turmoil and trouble by Biden’s opponents and, not until midnight, the US Congress shuddered and upset confirmed and endorsed Biden’s victory and victory. A dark day for democracy in the USA when America was under siege, a coup driven, influenced, inspired and provoked by President Trump who, in a “Dessert Storm” fashion, staged pro-Trump mobs, gangsters, thugs and violent rebellion anarchists to bullshit and physically stampede all over Capitol Hill. A day when America ceased to be an icon for the “Beacon of Hope” and became a pity for the “Symbol of Despair,” two women and two men died, 52 arrested, dozens of people injured in an unruly crowd and many Capitol Hill officials wounded police in the line of duty. Republicans who voted for the destroyer who wanted to make America great again, are now angry and reprimanding Trump as the destroyer that tear America apart. When the oxygen is removed from supporters, this day has become a turning point and Republicans realized that it was possibly not right and were not going to defend America by attacking Capitol Hill. Trump urged and urged the organized collectors to walk down together to Capitol Hill and take America back, not by weakness but by strength and by being strong, to prevent VP Pence from fulfilling his legal duty, allowing ‘ the smooth process of counting the certification of electoral college votes.
A day of stomach whipping and gut wrenching, protesters then turned terrorists, robbed goons and vandalized Capitol Hill, engaging in criminal activities to disrupt a constitutional process. It was not disagreement but chaos and lawlessness organized at President Trump’s request, nursing the wounded pride of a selfish man, a man who had abandoned his job and choosing to devote his time to assembling and directing the heads of unsupported Republicans in any official office and , denies his rebels to rebel and helps him not abide by any peaceful presidential change. Donald Trump wanted his VP Pence to twist the election results that show Joe Biden was legally elected as the next President and Kamala Harris was legally elected as the next Vice President. As the sitting president, Trump tried several legal petitions challenging the results and all were dismissed or withdrawn, many of which were appealed and treated indiscriminately by the Courts in different areas.
It was truly surreal and this outrageous caucus saw the end of a time of incoherent Trump endangering the lives of members of Congress who had to dive to shelter for safety, security officers pulling guns to prevent them from physically attacking. Shocked, shocked and saddened, Elected President Joe Biden carefully addressed the nation saying, “Democracy is under unprecedented attack,” asking Trump to address the situation despised and gone on national television to postpone this illegal act by his supporters and ask them to leave the default and go home peacefully. Biden asked Trump to fulfill his presidential duty and defend the constitution. Donald Trump allowed the unruly crowd to carry out their illegal and criminal activities the whole day and it wasn’t until the end of the day that the 6PM to 6AM curfew in Washington DC State was about to begin, which he did in a one-minute address video tape, told his rowdy men and women to hope peacefully. But, he also reminded them that the election was a fraud, lied to them and loved them. His words would support the violent behavior and the after-effects, therefore, of the call for accountability, impeachment, punishment, commission of inquiry and also, the enactment of the 25th Amendment. This Amendment can pave the way for VP Pence to become President for the remaining term until January 20th, considering Donald Trump ineligible to occupy the seat as reigning president.
The Washington DC Mayor expressed it as a cold and horrific day when the attack on democracy was unbelievably humiliating, illegal and extraordinary. Trump’s breach of duty, his abuse of power and Wednesday’s fiasco were something that only happens in a 3rd world country as praised by Trump’s once close senators and Republican friends. His supportive allies including Graham and Pence, withdrew from his company, reprimanded his actions and claimed that such revolutionary acts constituted revolution and attested to civil war, Davis vs Lincoln. It was active, domestic terrorism, perpetrated by white supremacists. Two hose bombs were found, one from the DNC and one from the ANC and other weapons. These groups are affiliated with the KKK, perpetrators of White racism. The troubled and trembling Republican senator, Mitt Romney, in his speech to the ground, pleaded with Trump to abstain from his lies and frankly, reminding the world that what they saw is not representative of America. Outraged and disturbed by Trump’s devious and devilish retribution, his demonstration of arrogance, arrogant false ego and bombastic firmness, staff resigned from his administration and his closest allies left him in frustration and embarrassment.
The rest of the world was stunned and appalled by the oppression as they saw the shame and humiliation, which was executed by Trump and his advocates. Guyanese was reminded of the APNU + AFC vulgarity and hooliganism displayed by senior party members when counting the election votes last March. Guyana was also besieged by Granger and his cabal, as they tried to rig the election and refused to surrender to a PPP / C victory as confirmed by the result of CARICOM’s recount. Granger and his APNU + AFC party humiliated Guyanese at home and abroad and now, as if he were tutoring Trump, Trump duplicated Granger’s nescience to paint a day of doom and madness, blinding the American image at home and abroad. A deserted day that began to shake the Democrats ended on a solid foundation as they seized control of the Senate as they won the two parliamentary seats in the State of Georgia, thereby gaining control of the House and Parliament. It was only until the early hours of Thursday morning that Trump promised an orderly transfer to the Biden Presidency but did not surrender. He remains isolated in his lonely world, just as Granger continues to hide in his palace. It’s embarrassing as the world notes that Twitter and Facebook have indefinitely blocked Trump’s account.

Jai Lall