Tuschen youth missing since May 2020; family desperate for answers – News Room Guyana

The family of 20-year-old Eron Grant is desperate for answers following his disappearance last year; they plead with anyone with credible information to come forward.

The young man left his Tuschen house, East Bank Essequibo in July 2019 for Mahdia, Region Eight, to work as a gold miner; his sister, Melissa Henry, told the Newsroom on Tuesday that he telephoned the family regularly but they haven’t heard from him since May 2020.

“He left to go inside at Mahdia, Whitewater. He left with a friend and friend [father has mining activities there]… That was July 2019, ”explained Henry.

The sister explained that Grant was a few days after Mother’s Day in May 2020 and said he was waiting to be paid and will return home the following week. The sister alleged that Grant had also complained about poor working conditions and his employer’s refusal to pay him.

“He told me he was hoping to get all his money back home and that was the last we heard from him. He didn’t have his personal phone and all the numbers he would call, we still call and they still go unanswered or straight to an answerphone, ”said a worried Henry.

Henry said his brother had mentioned he was moving to another location and as such, the family wasn’t immediately worried when they didn’t hear from him over a month. However, as the months went by and they did not hear from him, they became anxious and began to inquire about his whereabouts.

“After we haven’t heard from him in a month, we say he may have gone somewhere with no signal but after three months and without hearing from him, we started to worry.”

Finally, in December 2020, a missing person report was made at Leonora Police Station. According to Henry, after the report was made, ranks there contacted the Mahdia Police Station and launched an investigation.

The sister said police reported that a few people were questioned and showed Grant photographs but no one recognized him.

Anyone with any information about Eron Grant’s whereabouts is asked to contact his family at phone numbers 633-2158 or 674-5637.