Update: “Life is more important” – says father to 2 as he rushes from burning home

A fire suspected to be electrical in nature boiled a two-storey home located at Lot 94-CC Eccles, Demerara East Bank, Sunday morning.

Displaced are 31-year-old Samuel Ward, his wife, Easter Joseph, and their two children, including an eight-month-old baby.

When this publication visited the scene, Ward expressed that he is still trying to navigate the tragedy as Christmas is just around the corner. He recalled that he and his wife were about 08:30 hrs Sunday, in the lower apartment of the building when they heard their baby crying.

According to him, his wife left to tend to the young child, and upon reaching the front bedroom, he saw what he called the “cutter box” on fire. She said the woman had been alerted quickly. Ward noted that by the time he rushed upstairs, his wife was already making his way down with their children.

“When I go upstairs, she was already coming down with both kids. When I go up, the smoke was too thick in the bedroom. So, I said that boys’ lives are more important, ”the father of two related.

The man mourned that the fire service took about 30 minutes to reach the scene.

By then, the fire had already spread and enclosed the entire building. Nearby houses were not affected by the fire. No one was injured from the fire. Meanwhile, the man’s wife and their two children are staying at a relative’s home, while he is considering their next move.