Venezuelan thieves are opening fire in police after stealing a gun, gold and silver to a local businessman

Three Venezuelan thieves on Monday night seized three guns, a quantity of ammunition, cash and gold during a robbery in Port Kaituma, Northwest Region, Region One (Barima – Waini).

In a statement, Guyana Police said 56-year-old businessman Elroy Allam and his alleged wife of 22-year-old Shonna Campbell of Waterfront Port Kaituma, were stolen from a single .223 semi-automatic rifle with 30 live rounds and one magazine; one .32 semi-automatic pistol with ten live rounds and two magazines; one 12 guage semi-automatic shotgun; $ 10 million; 4 gold chains; and 4 gold rings.

The incident occurred between 23:00 h and 23: 32h when the three perpetrators, one recognizable and the others sheltering, invaded the businessman’s premises.

Summoned, the police along with the Guyana Defense Force (GDF) Coastguard at Morwhanna responded immediately, and while searching along the Aurora River, Police caught fire from boat occupants seen heading towards Morwhanna.

Local law enforcement officers returned on fire, however, the boat and its occupants made their escape toward the Guyana / Venezuela border.

The area was canvassed, surveillance cameras were seen, and photos of the event will be retrieved.

None of the ranks were injured, and police cannot say at this time whether any of the suspects were injured in the boat.

Investigations are ongoing.