Veteran Media Man hosts ‘Joe’s Sports Dose Reloaded’ on 104.3 Power fm radio in Linden – Kaieteur News

Veteran Media man hosts ‘Joe’s Sports Dose Reloaded’ on 104.3 Power fm radio in Linden

Kaieteur News- Perhaps two decades after the first TV show ‘Joe’s Sports Dose’ on Guyana Television Network, Linden, now renamed National Communications Network (NCN) in the 1990s, experienced sports journalist Joseph Chapman will be presented for the first time on the radio. ‘Joe’s Sports Dose Reloaded’ in Linden on 104.3Power FM radio starting Thursday.
His guests at the premiere on Thursday will be representatives of the oldest sports organization in Linden, Mackenzie Sports Club.

Joseph Chapman

Chapman noted this was possible through conversations he recently had with the CEO of 104.3Power FM Radio Mr Haslyn Graham.
It is worth noting that while Chapman is sponsored, despite seeking major sponsorships, Graham has given his blessings for adding a sports program as this is considered an appropriate time at the 2020 2020 Olympics Tokyo.
It is felt that it would help expand listeners to the individual Linden radio network, which is entering its eight years in operation; and not only young people, but also the many sports fans who cut across all ages, sexes and religious persuasions, who will engage.

The one-hour sports program, for beginners, will be broadcast every Thursday for an hour starting at 19.00 or 7.00pm according to Chapman.
The sports show will have many features and as when it was televised in the 1990s, the focus will be on having officers of the various sports associations and federations at the regional and national levels have the opportunity to explain their roles and programs development for the different sports discipline.
In the ‘brass tacks’ part of the show, sports organizations will have the opportunity to interact with the public and answer lively questions they may have, but have not been able to find answers for in the past.
Listeners are given a sports history and great emphasis is placed on the Linden and Division 10 (Upper Demerara / Upper Berbice) athletes who would have affected the sports scene over the years; while contemporary athletes will also receive even attention.