Vitality Inc. gives $ 1M mother to six rebuild house

VITALITY Accounting and Consultancy Inc., through the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, donated $ 1,062,300 to assist mother-of-six, Esther Lara, to rebuild her house Matthew’s Ridge, Northwest Region, Region One (Barima-Waini), and recently collapsed.
Lara’s house recently collapsed due to high winds, leaving her family homeless. The family’s condition came to light when a representative from the community’s Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) contacted the ministry for assistance.
According to a press release from Vitality Inc., the money received will pay for the materials needed and the labor cost to rebuild the house.
The generous donation was handed over by the Director of Vitality Inc. Mr. Abbas Hamid, to the Minister for Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud.
Vitality Inc., a US company, owned by Guyanese entrepreneurs, has been operating in Guyana over 10 years and specializes in accounting, medical supplies, oil and gas, and housing services.

Minster Persaud praised the company for its philanthropic and philanthropic efforts. He related that the ministry is overwhelmed by the many requests for assistance, and with Vitality’s contribution, the fragile mother’s home will soon be vulnerable.
“Your donation is much appreciated and will help the mother of one parent, who has six children, one of whom is disabled. I am hopeful, with Vitality Inc. gives to such a worthy cause, that other companies will be encouraged to partner with us to help the most vulnerable in need, ”Minister Persaud noted.
Meanwhile, Hamid reiterated Vitality’s commitment to giving back to Guyana, especially in the social services sector.
He further added that the company will continue to work with the ministry to improve the standard of living of vulnerable groups.