Volcano explodes in SVG; A scientist says explosions could last for days, weeks

An explosive eruption was recorded at La Soufriere Volcano in St Vincent and the Grenadines at 8:40 this morning with ash plumes of up to 8 km (News 784 photos)

(By Ernesto Cooke – News 784) Geologist Richard Robertson said Friday that the overnight volcano had erupted overnight, and at 8.37, signals showed that an eruption was imminent.

Threshing of the dome occurred around 8.41, with a vertical feather, ash clouds are reported up to 29,000 feet, with ash flowing east as far as Belmont ”.

Robertson said the volcano is now back to a quiet period, with more eruptions expected soon, the first one he said wasn’t the biggest.

Most of the ashes are expected to remain in the northern part of the island; however, Robertson said he could reach any location because of the wind direction.

“In the event of a much larger explosion, the ash may spread further south, this could last for days or weeks, and monitoring will continue”, said Robertson.

Robertson said there’s no need to wait out at the RED ZONE.

St Vincent’s Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, speaking at a press conference this morning in Kingstown, said a pilot leaving Grenadine island in Canouan had reported an ash plume heading east at 25,000 feet.