“We must continue to stand united in defending our sovereignty” – President Ali – Kaieteur News

“We must continue to stand united in the defense of our sovereignty” – President Ali

– Raises the ranks of the army to reintroduce into the country, people

Kaieteur News – President Irfaan Ali on Friday told hundreds of Guyana Defense Force (GDF) ranks that the country must continue to stand united in defending our territorial integrity and sovereignty.
The then Head of State was speaking at the GDF’s annual Christmas Dinner at Base Camp Ayanganna.
In his feature remarks, President Ali reminded the ranks of the earlier ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that said he had the jurisdiction to hear Guyana’s case seeking to validate the arbitrary 1899 decree establishing the border with Venezuela.
The President explained that the ICJ’s decision removes an “important obstacle” in resolving the long-standing dispute between Guyana and Venezuela and gives the country an opportunity to present its case to court.
“I take this opportunity once again to thank all stakeholders, our technical staff, the lawyers, successive governments, and importantly, all Guyanese for their united stance on this issue. It really shows us what unity can do for us as a country, what coming together can do for us as a country. “
After thanking the ranks, he reminded the Head of State of their tasks to protect Guyana’s citizens, sovereignty and resources and urge them to be vigilant, strong and dedicated.
“In terms of our territorial integrity and sovereignty there is no need to divide, political or otherwise. We must continue to stand united in the defense of our territorial integrity and sovereignty. ”
He further reminded the ranks of the Government’s commitment to providing them with housing and educational opportunities, as well as improved healthcare services.
“We see you own your own house a lot … own your own home and come next year we’re going to start this process,” explained President Ali , in noting that the Government will ensure that there are special housing programs at GDF headquarters to facilitate the ranks.
He also highlighted that the ranks of the GDF will be able to be part of a special program to ensure that they benefit from the 20,000 scholarships that the Government will provide to citizens.
In addition, to better facilitate the ranks, President Ali explained that a system will be set up to get the ranks to select scholarship awardees based on merit and performance.
The Head of State reasoned that these opportunities will be provided not only to improve the organization but also to move them forward.
“We have exceptional talent, great brain power in the Guyana Defense Force but we have to use that talent and our brain power for national development. And I will assure you that this is the direction we are going to go. ”
This is why, he explained, there is a clear strategy outlined for enhanced roles for the GDF and officer ranks in community development; and overall national development.
He emphasized that the ranks will become part of the national security architecture and will be used to provide logistical support to the Government.
“I want to reassure you that we have already started the debate on how we can improve things, and although I have had a lot of discussion at the top, be assured that I will be visiting all the units in the coming year by you, to listen to you and to understand your perspective on improving the Guyana Defense Force. ”
President Ali told the ranks that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government is still able to provide a tax-free fortnightly bonus that will be paid before the end of the year.
He announced that this will only improve because “there is no other direction for our country and our people than an upward, upward direction.”
The President rose on the ranks not only to reintroduce Guyana, but also their oath of office, to the people and to give their best to the country and its citizens.
“I’ve seen the respect and respect that the people give to the costume you wear, the honor they give to the uniform you wear. But equally, we must win and show that we uphold our oath, we must win and show that we also bring dignity and honor to the dress we are in. ‘ n wear it. And I ask you today to reintroduce yourself to the country. ”(Office of the President)