West Coast Berbice murders (fly line)

Forensic reports, autopsy videos available to expert from Argentina

FORENSIC reports and videos of the autopsies carried out on the bodies of Henry and Haresh Singh’s cousins, who were brutally killed last September, are available to the Argentine Forensic Anthropologist, Dr. Luis Fondebrider.
This was revealed by the Ministry of Home Affairs in response to a letter headed, “I was never offered to watch videos of autopsies on boys murdered in West Berbice” which were penned by Dr. Fondebrider who appeared in Stabroek News on Tuesday.
The letter was from Dr. Fondebrider claims that “… at no time did I receive such an offer…” and goes on to state that “During my visit to Guyana, a formal meeting with the minister was my only contact with officials since my attempts to meet him ‘ The pathologist performed the autopsy and the Head of Crime was unsuccessful. ”

According to the ministry, in a statement, subject Minister Robeson Benn held a meeting on December 15, 2020, in his office with Dr. Fondebrider and Argentina’s Ambassador to Guyana, Felipe Alejandro Gardella.
Also present at the meeting were Guyana Human Rights Association Co-President Mike McCormack; Police Commissioner (ag), Nigel Hoppie; and Chief of Crime, Wendell Blanhum.
At this meeting, the ministry noted that Dr. Luis Fondebrider would receive videos of the autopsies carried out in relation to the Berbice incidents, and the forensic reports of those autopsies.

The police, in a separate statement, said at the same meeting that, in the presence of all attendees, the proposal was made for Guyana Police to share a copy of the videos of the post-mortem examinations conducted with Dr Fondebrider of the victims.
To date, the Guyana Police Administration is not receiving a formal response from Dr. Luis Fondebrider as it relates to that proposal, a police statement said.
An offer was also made to Dr. Luis Fondebrider having a meeting with Dr. Nehaul Singh, a Government Pathologist, who, at the time, was on his way to duty in Lethem, noted the ministry.
However, the meeting with Dr. Nehaul Singh and Dr. Luis Fondebrider emerged because it was understood that Dr. Fondebrider leaves Guyana the next day, December 16, 2020. The ministry noted that Dr. Fondebrider also stated that the need should arise for assistance from his agency beyond the usual destinations employed, he is contacted.

The Office of Police Public Relations (PRO), Assistant Commissioner Royston Andries-Junor considers some of the allegations made by an Argentine forensic expert irresponsible.
“In a matter of this nature of national importance, it is irresponsible to make such public allegations that contradict the reality of what happened. This is unfortunate and the intent behind it can easily be deduced. Make sure that Guyana Police remain committed to ensuring justice is served in this matter, ”the assistant commissioner noted.
Henry’s boy mutilated bodies were found on September 6, 2020 at the Cotton Tree backdam in West Berbice. Their horrific murders triggered a week of violent protests in that region.

On September 9, three days after the Henry boys were found, Singh was also found in a bloody condition, in the backdam of Village Number Three, hours after he left home on his motorcycle to carry water to his relatives and who worked on their farm. He was found unconscious by his 12-year-old brother, while his flashy motorcycle was found. He died while en route to New Amsterdam Hospital.
A post-mortem found that Henry’s boys died of haemorrhage and shock, due to multiple incised wounds. They both sustained broken spikes, as well as several body scuffs.
The giant ‘X’ killers carved on Isaiah’s head, as they cut Joel’s chest open. The boys are suspected of having died some 36 hours before being found.
The post-mortem on Singh noted that he died of a brain haemorrhage and blunt head trauma, aggravated by compression injuries to the neck.