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When it comes to elections, Black race leaders and Black leaders have no shame

Dear Editor,

To grant the right to respond to Freddie Kissoon’s “Afro-Guyanese in 2020: Bonfires of fraud” (KN 5th January 2020). Valuable, but necessary, time is taken to deal with the rigged mind, Freddie Kissoon’s nincompoopism that has nothing to do and all day to do so. Every day he takes advantage of his media privilege to pound the race in Africa on his repeated election nonsense, his garbage rants. Let me be very clear, the Black race and Black leaders have nothing to be ashamed of. Nor should we allow this racist chaos captain to dictate our reality. He is not qualified to make such judgments about rigging and dishonesty because he has lost all credibility in his ability to be intellectually honest.
He is a self-admitted thief of intellectual property; he publicly admitted stealing books and thereby depriving the owner of the necessary revenue associated with sales. Those who have brought international academic shame to this nation now believe it has the authority to talk about rigging. Who and what gives him that right? He was fortunate to have been able to work at the University of Guyana (AS).
I stand by my stance, the 2020 election should have been canceled undeclared given the revelations that the recount process and the failure of GECOM to implement the entirety of Order 60 of 2020, as promised to society, were revealed “Credible account.” But he whose mind is rigged will never acknowledge this. His paid assignment is to do the daily dribbling of trying to convince the riggers society that the Coalition parties and African leaders were at the forefront of this.
The integrity of the vote in the 2020 election was not protected and GECOM knew this during the recount exercise. No electoral body worth its salt, having recognized the gravity of the situation, should have listed this nation’s corrupt tables as (declared) legal consequences. There is nothing wrong with legally applying the full scope of the law to uphold justice or overcome injustice.
It is one thing when an election is suspected to be compromised and declared but another when it is known that it is compromised and declared. Guyana saw this in the 2006 Election when the Progressive People / Civic Party was deliberately awarded the votes and seat of the Alliance for Change. We saw it again in 2020 when GECOM, after going through a recount and admitting “serious irregularities” by none other than the Chairman, forced this nation to accept corrupt results as credible. But local and international bullysim, bordering on electoral terrorism, held many hostages. Even our children, when returning home from school in assigned and easily identifiable school buses, were not deterred from violent assaults and disruptive behaviors.
Kissoon, in collusion with others, wants the Black race to feel that it must bear the sole burden and responsibility for the shenanigans in the 2020 election and basically for everything that is wrong in Guyana. He, even as he pen his drive, ignores the 47 irreversible boxes of the lower East Coast Demerara, a PPP / C stronghold, which had no statutory documents. In its corrupt brain, the Coalition is responsible and not the presiding officers who might have corrupted them. To this academic fraudster, the Black race is not as stupid as rigging against its own interest. This is intellectual idiocy at its best and only a corrupt mind that would not recognize the illogical.
As I continue to follow President Donald Trump’s moves in the presidential election, I am even more convinced of the election coup that his administration implemented in Guyana (2020) and Bolivia (2019); he hopes to repeat there. He not only attacks the courts, but electoral bodies, political leaders, and legislatures to turn the election in his favor as he did in Guyana. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had the inability to threaten the annulments of our courts, GECOM and government officials if no specific result was declared.
While Americans and their organizations stood up to Trump, despite the dive, in Guyana we had the opposite effect. The day was ruled by a non-legal political order at the request of fraudsters, both local and international. Only rigid minds, when looking through racial lenses like Kissoon would see the obvious and say otherwise. He and many others like him have not evolved to the level of human decency, which we are witnessing from some in the USA who do not allow Trump to compromise American democracy, despite the known ethnic and racial commitments.
It is time for the decent people of Guyana, of all races, especially those descendants of Africa who continue to badger and deny stop treating Freddie with child gloves and fear his pseudo-intellectual attack. It’s time to take him and his supporters.
Lincoln Lewis