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Where is the evidence of a third wave?

Dem Boys Seh…

Kaieteur News – Dem boys are tired of calling for stricter measures to prevent south COVID. Dem boys bin calling fuh lock down since last year; but nobody nah tekkin dem boys seriously.
But only now does it look like the south government is seriously trying to fuh. But dem nah is serious enough and he hears yuh blow-blow.
De consultant seh Guyana deh in third wave. When dem boys hear dice, dem boys had to look back at te graphs of the total number of cases and de chart of the total number of new daily cases. Now with respect to previous tea, dem boys see no significant bending of tea fuh tea suggesting that we are in any other wave below tea first.
When dem boys look at another chart chart of daily new cases, dem boys see no sign of any third wave either. Each wave is usually represented in the form of a bell curve. But south the number of daily cases nah seems like any third bell curve.
So my boys asked fuh de evidence of a third wave. Dem boys are also asking a counselor who can provide te testimony to younger people who have previously become ill and more seriously infected. And dem boys want to know if there is any evidence that dat is a new variant that spreads faster or is a cause of more infections just because people are dropping off a guard.
If as dem claims, de virus is becoming more ferocious – spreading faster – dem boys expect fuh to see higher reproductive number. And if more teens find COVID-ICU tea, dem boys expect dat shouldn’t be a problem fuh de Advisor fuh making de numbers public.
Dem boys also know if any of the dying dem bin people are vaccinated!
Talk half and remember that south numbers don’t lie!