Woman accused of letting house long after ‘boyfriend row’

A WOMAN who allegedly set her boyfriend’s house on fire after a heated argument, appeared in Georgetown Magistrates Court on Friday and was given $ 50,000 bail by Magistrate Faith McGusty. Lashawna Desanzea of ​​the Stevedore Housing Scheme, North Ruimveldt, pleaded not guilty to lighting a building. The charge alleged that the accused on Dec. 29, 2020, in North Ruimveldt, illegally and maliciously set fire to a building, specifically, a $ 3 million dwelling, containing $ 150,000 worth of home appliances, property Delon Joseph. According to the prosecution, Desanzea and Joseph were at the time of the incident in a relationship and have a child together. The accused would, at times, spend time in the house.

On the day in question around 20:00 hours, Joseph and Desanzea were in the bedroom of his home when Desanzea told Joseph that she wanted something to eat. However, Desanzea’s request to Joseph turned into a controversy. This led to Joseph leaving the house. Then an angry Desanzea went to the kitchen where he lit a kero stove that he threw on the bed. She soon left the house and went to North Ruimveldt Police Outpost. By this time, the house had been destroyed by the fire. Desanzea was subsequently arrested and charged. The matter was adjourned until January 29.