Woman stabbed ex-boyfriend to death… Police officer wanted to touch her breasts instead of taking domestic violence report – Kaieteur News

Woman stabbed ex-boyfriend to death … Police officer wanted to touch her breasts instead of taking domestic violence report

Kaieteur News – Just five days before Sofia, 27, (not her real name) tied her ex-boyfriend to death, a police officer attached to Turkeyen Police Station made progress to touch her breasts instead of taking her report of domestic violence .
Sofia is currently in police registrations for allegedly killing her ex-boyfriend, Darren Harris, 46, during an argument, which they had last Thursday. The stabbing incident happened on the main Cummings Park ‘E’ Maes Road, South Sophia.
Sofia has since allegedly killed Harris in self-defense. She claimed that Harris and her ended up in trouble together when he pulled out a knife and cut it on her hands, nearly cutting it. In retaliation, he somehow managed to pull the knife away and stab Harris three times before running away.
Five days before that stabbing incident, Sofia had gone to Turkeyen Police Station to present a domestic violence report against Harris. Kaieteur News understands that she tried to do so last Saturday. Harris allegedly abused her and they ended up in a “cuss out” at her home.
Sofia said it was during that “cuss out” that she decided to break up her three-month relationship with Harris and “put him out”. It was about her father being home at the time and Harris refused to leave. He apparently broke a beer bottle and threatened to stab them both.
Sofia said one of her friends who lived close came over and intervened in the matter. Harris had left but not before threatening to beat them “if he sees them on the way”.
Fearing for her father’s life, Sofia said she and her father went down to the police station to lodge a complaint.
“We get there after seven that night. I can’t really remember the exact time ”, said Sofia.
Sofia said the officers there pushed them around for a while. “They told us there is no patrol vehicle to go to arrest but we kept waiting for them to listen to us,” he recalled.
As a result of her perseverance, Sofia said a “tall, black, fat” police officer walked up to her and said, “Come on your own for a job tea and ‘leh’ we’re dealing with the matter.
I was glad because they were finally going to take the report ”, related Sofia.
“I tell dad I’m coming back now and follow de policeman”.
While in the office with the officer, Sofia alleged that instead of taking the report, the cop started asking her about her breasts.
“He turns and asks me ‘are they all busy you gah? Is it fake or real? ”
Sofia said she responded, “Of course real!”
The cop allegedly followed these words, which made her worse. “Could he touch them to see if it’s real?”
Sofia said she got angry and told him “Look, I haven’t brought hay fuh deh pon insanity.”
He then got up and walked out of the office, thus ending the conversation.
“I come outside and seh daddy, come on we are home long cause these people just deh pon s *** t”.
Her father, Ivan Nedd had also told Kaieteur News about this account in a separate interview. He detailed that he had asked his daughter if she had recorded the officer but she had nothing.
However, the man said he later reported the matter to the police.