Woman stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend accused of murder – Kaieteur News

A woman who knocks an ex-boyfriend to death is being charged with murder

Tied to death during an alleged confrontation with Pearson, Darren Harris.

Kaieteur News – Yesterday the woman who allegedly tied her ex-boyfriend to death last Thursday (April 1) was held in jail for New Amsterdam until May 18, 2021. The defendant, Eva Pearson, 27, appeared at Sparendaam Magistrates’ Court and charged her murder by Magistrate Alisha George.
She is alleged to have stabbed her ex-boyfriend, Darren Harris, 46, on April 1, 2021 to death at School Street, Cummings Park, ‘E’ Field, Sophia. Pearson was not required to plead to the indictable charge.

Keeped in custody for the alleged murder of her ex-boyfriend.

As she was escorted by police into a bus, her sister, who was present, broke down in tears. Viewers, who were there at the time, advised Pearson and her relatives to be strong. According to reports, Pearson Harris stabbed about 21:30 o’clock. during a scuffle. The woman has since admitted to killing her ex-boyfriend to the police, claiming she stabbed her in self-defense.
Apparently, Harris had approached the woman while she was going home from work and the two had started arguing on the way. The debate intensified and they ended in turmoil. Pearson said it was during the scuffle that Harris allegedly cut her to her hands with a knife.
Pearson claimed that she somehow managed to take the weapon off Harris and stab him with it. He then threw away a knife and ran. One eyewitness told the cops she overheard the argument and peered outside in time to see Harris fall to the ground and Pearson running away.
Pearson was allegedly chased into her home by a “bunch of people” who probably wanted to hold her for the stabbing. Her father, Ivan Nedd, remembered her jumping over the fence and running inside her home. He probably secured his building, as the angry crowd pelted bottles into his yard and vandalized his canter truck. Police arrived shortly thereafter and arrested Pearson, who was bleeding from a cut wound to her right hand. They took her to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), where she was treated and then taken to East La Penitence Police Lock-ups, where she remained in custody until yesterday.
Pearson has also filed an official complaint against a policeman, and said she had wanted to touch her breasts instead of taking a domestic violence report five days before the stabbing. She claimed that on Saturday March 27, Harris broke a bottle and threatened to stab her and Nedd (her father) for putting it out. He later went down to Turkeyen Police Station the same day to report. Instead of taking her report, a police officer there asked to touch her breasts to see if they were real. Pearson was reportedly outraged and left without making that report. That complaint is currently being investigated by the relevant authorities.