Woman wins Berbice ‘top cop’ award

By Jeune Bailey Van Keric

Moving historically, Woman Lance Corporal 20318 Shinel Mathieson scooped the top regional cop award for her outstanding contribution in the Superintendent of Court’s office.

Her task involves prosecuting traffic, civil and criminal cases, with the exception of land disputes, mainly at Whim Magistrates’ Court.

However, whenever her court is not in session, she would assist her colleagues at Albion Magistrates’ Courts and Reliance.

The announcement of Mathieson receiving the prestigious award came as a pleasant surprise to many, as the honor, by all accounts, has never been given to a woman.

The young cop is grateful for the recognition, which was based on her work ethic, proficiency and understanding of the law.

Lance Corporal hails from Fryish Village, Corentyne and comes from a very humble family of nine.

After completing her secondary education in junior high school, she enrolled in Guyana Police, and trained in 2007 at Eve Leary’s Felix Austin Training College.

After graduation, he was sent to Brickdam Police Station, where, for six months, he was assigned to the Impact squad, which dealt with beat and patrol duties, before being sent to the Superintendent Court office in Georgetown.

After that, she was transferred to Berbice, where she moved from being an Orderly Court to a Court Prosecutor after completing a six-week prosecutor’s course.

He noted that, unlike Georgetown, where there are various courts, depending on the crimes, in Berbice, “you have to be round, because the prosecutor has to prosecute every issue, no matter what the crime.”

According to the young Lance Corporal, a successful prosecution is based on the virtual complainant and the witnesses speaking the truth.

“When briefing witnesses, we always reprimand them for speaking the truth; stick to the truth, because no one can cut you off, ”he said.

Over the years, Mathieson, now 32, would have prosecuted innumerable issues in which Guyana Police and complainants were content with the outcome.
Commander Jairam Ramlakhan identified the adjudicator as the chief prosecutor in her area, and has successfully prosecuted several high-profile cases, among them Kempton Dorway, Manoj Mankarran, Bhojnarine Baichan, Mahendra Palton and Nicky Bridgebasie, and collectively received over 20 years’ imprisonment for offenses ranging from possession of a narcotic for human trafficking purposes, to felonious wounding, and larch from a dwelling house.

Several murder cases involving Kamal Matthews, Samuel Stewart, Vivian Ross and Gavin have since been committed, and the accused men are awaiting trial at Berbice Assize.

“Lance Corporal Mathieson has demonstrated good mastery in the prosecution field; she is always ready to go the extra mile without being prompted. She is disciplined, honest, knowledgeable and punctual; she has no pending disciplinary issue, ”said Commander Ramlakhan.