A 25-year-old woman from Ruimzeigt, Demerara West Coast (WCD) and her mother were attacked Wednesday night and robbed at gunpoint as they made their way home from church.
Ann McDonald and her mother were attacked and robbed at about 19:30h in Concrete Strip, WCD. Reports are that when the church service joined, McDonald and her mother boarded a minibus and then landed on the Ruimzeigt Public Road.
The woman took her phone out to use the flashlight to see the path to her home.
However, as they walked toward their house, the suspects approached them, whipped a handgun, and instructed them to remain silent.
The armed bandit then released the young woman about $ 60,000 in cash and her cellphone worth $ 80,000. Before he escaped, the offender dealt a McDonald shot to her head with the gun.
The bandit then joined a waiting motor wagon, making up for his escape. Investigations are ongoing.

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