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Juvenile remanded for killing Swan man

Kaieteur News – A 23-year-old man arrested for murdering a laborer found dead in his Swan home, Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke / Linden Highway, was yesterday detained in prison.
The defendant, Ewert Calistro of Swan Village, made his first court appearance at Diamond / Grove Magistrates’ Court before Chief Magistrate Judy Latchman where he was read the capital murder charge.
Calistro was not required to plead to the charge that allegedly murdered Roy Ross, 23, between Sunday 4 and Monday 5 in Pentre Swan.

Dying: Roy Ross.

Magistrate Latchman remanded the young man to prison and adjourned the matter until May 11, 2021. It was reported that a motionless morning Monday morning, at about 06:00 hours, was found lying in his living room. His body was discovered, which resulted in several stab wounds from his neighbor.
This media house had reported to the father that two were last seen alive sometime around midnight on Sunday by his girlfriend, whom he was living with. The two have children together. It was reported that the woman was staying with her mother but that she had gone to check on Ross with her brother. They had both seen Ross walking in his yard shining the light of his torch around the area.
Kaieteur News had previously been informed that a father of two had been seen drinking alcohol with a group of men in a shop near the Swan ball field.
The following morning after the man was found dead at his home, a few people were taken into custody which police believed could be involved. Calistro, who was remanded in custody, admitted to investigators he was guilty of being involved in the killing. He admitted his part and contacted another person who allegedly fatally stabbed the victim.
This announcement was told that the Calistro had accompanied another person to the dead man’s house with the intention of “committing an unlawful sexual act on a householder”, with the expectation that he (Ross) was not home . Calistro, during his confession, said they were confronted by Ross upon their arrival at the house, and eventually, an allegation was fought. The fight then resulted in the now deceased man being stabbed about four times for his body. Ross was reported to have received stab wounds to his chest, shoulder, abdomen and elbow.
Ross leaves to mourn his two sons, and other relatives. Meanwhile, the suspect, who is involved in the killing and is said to be a relative of Calistro, has yet to be apprehended. The investigation into Ross’s death is ongoing.